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Multiple accounts

Works with all your accounts... Both IMAP and POP3 are supported. You can still run your other email clients in addition to Mailable.


You can use your fingerprint to unlock your email. Once unlocked you can freely access it. When you quit the app and reopen it, your fingerprint will be required to view your mail. Of course, you can choose to never lock it. It's all under your control.

Better user interface for email

All of the messages that you have received and have sent from multiple email accounts are displayed in a unified timeline. Would you rather call the person who emailed you? In addition to replying and forwarding, you can tap to call them back. Do you have a message from a new contact? One tap and you can add them to your address book or even report them as SPAM. Email just got a lot better...

Address Book

All your friends, colleagues along with businesses are at your fingertips. Create a list of favorite contacts from your device contacts and our extensive business directory. Email recipients and senders come alive with avatars and profiles. Tap a profile and you can see all the email that you received and sent from that person or business. Select "Hide from timeline" to keep noisy messages on the sender's profile instead of the main timeline.

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